Fluevog Shoes to host David Robinson’s Equestrian Monument

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Equestrian is the seminal work in what has become a recurring theme in Robinson’s oeuvre; its inconclusive narrative moment binding motifs both mythical and historical.   The gaze of the rider is set upon some unseen horizon, as the burdened beast labours, very much in the here-and-now.  Together they negotiate a terrain away from the past, away from the binding paradigms of fate, but still toward an uncertain future.

Upon seeing Equestrian Monument at the 2009 East Side Culture Crawl, Vancouver designer and  entrepreneur John Fluevog invited David to exhibit the work at Fluevog’s Gastown location.

The polymer-gypsum casting is scheduled to arrive at Fluevog’s in early February 2010.  Cast in two editions, one bronze and one polymer-gypsum, Equestrian Monument is enlarged from a maquette David first created in 1991.

Vancouver bloggers tracked the installation with interest.

David Robinson at the Fluevog installation of Equestrian Monument.

Equestrian Installation

Equestrian Installation