David Robinson Art Rentals

Choosing a sculpture for your home or work environment is an exciting process. Unlike two-dimensional media, sculpture often interacts with its environment in dramatic and unpredictable ways. The dynamic interplay of sculpture with the lighting and the sightlines in your space is what makes these artworks so engaging.

Seeing a sculpture in photos or in a gallery setting doesn’t tell you this whole story. But a rental of that artwork lets you get to know it in the intimacy of your space, under different conditions, and discover if it is truly the right work for you.

Alternatively you may want the chance to experience multiple artworks without the commitment of buying. Rentals allow you to bring fresh artwork into your environment as frequently as you like.

Robinson Studio Gallery’s rental program offers up to 240 unique and editioned artworks in various sizes, materials and price points. Standard rental fees start from $125/month, with short-term and long-term rental options available, depending on your needs. Professional delivery and install services are also available.

Rental fees for Canadian artwork are a tax-deductible business expense, and the purchase of Canadian artwork can be a deductible business asset.

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