The Commission Process

Sculpture is a medium well suited to site-specific installation. For over twenty-five years, David and his studio team have enjoyed collaborating with architects, designers and individuals to create sculptural works of art that enliven and enhance their environments. The work created through the commission process is a unique response to the site, its materials, design, and geographical and cultural contexts.

The process begins with a phone call to set up a meeting with David and his staff. He is an affable, intelligent man whose gentle manner will make you feel at ease. During the initial meeting you will discuss the site, any works of his oeuvre to which you are drawn, your vision for the commissioned work, and your time & budgetary parameters.  This is a time for you to explore possibilities, as you build a rapport and begin to discern where your respective visions overlap. Time spent together at the site is the best catalyst at this juncture, but in the event that a site visit is not feasible, David will work from your photographs, renderings and architectural drawings.

As David responds to the space and design criteria, the consultation and design development can take some time (between 2 – 3 months). The process can feel foreign to those who have never undertaken it before, but most people find it enjoyable and quickly become excited at the potential artwork.

Once the design, scale, medium and any potential editioning of the work have been reviewed, a design fee is payable (this varies and will be agreed upon at the outset). Typically, some concept sketches are prepared and presented with an estimated total cost at a second meeting. Based on your responses, David will most often develop a small sculptural maquette of the design.

Should you choose to proceed from there, a 50% deposit is paid and David will begin sculpting the full-size model of the work. The work of creating sculpture takes time but David and his team will inform you of the relevant milestones so you understand the process and timelines involved. When the model is in a state of completion you will be invited to visit the studio to view the sculpture for approval.

The next stages – most often molding and bronze casting – are then carried out. At this point, another 30% installment is made, the final work is completed, and arrangements are made for delivery.

David and his team will perform a custom installation of the work, taking into account any structural requirements. The final 20% is due upon installation of the work.


The development maquette for the commission Displacement.
The development maquette for the commission Displacement.



“It has been a pleasure to work with David Robinson from the initial brain-storming to the final installation. The process has been both fluid and yet directed. David appreciates the architectural intentions of the spaces and is then able to listen and interpret a fresh perspective of possibilities. In the brain-storming process there were options provided looking at unique opportunities that were never considered. These options were distilled and a maquette created to bring three-dimensional reality to his vision.

Throughout this process there were always discussions within which he always embraced refinement and improvement to the sculpture. The fabrication process was equally wonderful with David always making me feel involved through the process. The quality and workmanship was impeccable.

Installations were well planned and smoothly executed.

I rarely come across an artist like David who has the ability to be both artistic yet manage the task at hand of building and installing his work so seemingly effortlessly for everyone involved. It has never been about ego for David, it has been about creating beautiful, artistic expressions that both activate the spaces they occupy yet live in harmony with the landscape.

I can’t wait to work on another sculpture with him.”

Paul Sangha

Paul Sangha Landscape Architecture


“I highly recommend David for both his artistic capabilities and for his professional demeanor. He prepared two exemplary concepts for us and produced a delicate sculpture for a difficult location. He showed a thorough command of the materials he was working with, as well as the details of installation and coordination with the airport’s design team…

David and his studio also operate at the highest level of professionalism, never missing deadlines, producing thorough interim deliverables, and working conscientiously with design consultants…

Again, I wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend David Robinson and his studio for a commission.”

Todd Bressi

Public Art Consultant

Principal at Urban Design Ÿ Place Planning Ÿ Public Art