Artist Statements

Wednesday, June 1, 2005

In the studio the work of the mind and that of the hand coalesce under the particular inherence of matter.  One cannot trust one’s own mind to be always truthful nor the hand and eye to resist pretension, but the third element, matter, is never compromised, never without its integrity.  It is, unlike the virtual, never without its virtue.

Wednesday, May 22, 2002

When I feel the need to draw nearer to the Church, I do so with a bowed head and on bended knee… a posture of humility yes, but also one of cagey caution… one eye on the exits.  Or such was my predisposition when in the spring of 1999 I was contacted by the curator of the Regent College Lookout Gallery, Dal Schindell.  As  part of a vision for the aesthetic enhancement of seven niches in  the...

Monday, April 22, 2002

Installation instructions for suspended figures:
(optimal specifications, dimensions may vary)

  1. Connect hanging cable to grappling hook (supplied)
  2. Using a ladder of appropriate height, fling hook up and over the horizon into the unfathomable depths of space.
  3. Once cable is secure, adjust height of sculpture.
  4. Trim excess cable....
Thursday, September 25, 1997

The function of gravity as both fact and metaphor is the central paradox of the sculptor’s creative process.  Under the sway of this aesthetic confluence, the objective viewer of a figure in space becomes implicated into the microcosm of the art work by means of a kind of metaphorical vertigo.  This visceral response is the essential persuasive mechanism of the medium of sculpture.

Monday, January 1, 1996

In our first discussions of possible themes for an exhibit of my work at the Ceperley House, the theme of Myth took hold as a means of categorizing a particular tangent of the body of work I have produced in the last ten years.

Friday, November 10, 1995

Surveying the proliferation of marble and bronze busts of antiquity, I've come to see this form of portraiture as a kind of benevolent decapitation. It is an artistic execution undertaken with the good intentions of re-casting the head into a new, ageless form, magically preserving the sitter's essence for posterity. Gazing into their hollow eyes, however, it seems that very few actually...

Sunday, April 23, 1995

In a deep enough sleep, the body can breathe under water or fly through the air.

These sculptures are the working outcomes of waking dreams, born under the same sign as their nocturnal counterparts.  That is, the same quickening of the mind that gives rise to a briefly sustained but absolute belief in some as yet untapped potential.  The trouble is that very few of the gems that one...

Thursday, March 9, 1995

Being commissioned to do large-scale public work has always been the perceived zenith of a sculptor’s career.  Though I may imagine my work in public spaces, standing writ large in bronze or steel, the new reality is that the public square has become a minefield, successfully navigated only by the politically astute.  These small works stand like monuments on the square of my own upturned hand...